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Karle Town Centre - HUB 1 & 2

As part of a 3.6 million sq.ft. SEZ development in the city of Bangalore, the first tower of roughly 360,000 sf is now well under construction with the 12 story (G+11) structure topped off. Merge Studio was engaged to lead the design of this speculative office building. A key feature of the project has been it's facade, which is designed with passive environmental strategies to enhance the overall energy performance of the building. From the outset, three essential goals were established for the facade design; high performance, timeless aesthetics and efficient constructability.

Merge studio lead the collaboration of an international team of consultants between New York, Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai to deliver design and documentation for the facade, external and internal public spaces including the public plaza, main lobby, internal street and shared amenities in addition to peer reviewing and coordinating the building core and utility spaces.

The project exemplifies the integration of performative analysis and design. The facade is designed with varying modules that strive to optimize solar shading, daylighting and natural ventilation strategies. The end result is a dynamic facade that excites the senses whilst responding to its micro-climate, minimizing energy consumption and enhancing occupant comfort and experience. In addition to the facade, the building uses light and air openings in the building for fresh air supply to AHU rooms and provide additional daylighting in office spaces. The project is aiming for LEED Gold certification with energy savings of approximately 22% over ASHRAE base case and 36% when compared to similar (non-compliant) office buildings in India.

Bangalore, India

Project Area:
1M sf

Project Status:
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